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Study Abroad Programs Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

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Spend a semester in Ambialet, France - campus of St. Francis University! Students stay in the University's  facility in Ambialet, located in southwestern France. The site is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Tarn River and the village of Ambialet and includes extended stays in Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Visits to museums, monuments and natural sites are enhanced by events such as fairs, pastry fests and concerts.St. Francis offers a variety of courses, which change each semester.

It's easy to afford this experience!


You will be charged for Curry tuition, fees, and room and board* and continue to receive access to Curry College merit aid as well as federal and state aid that you may be eligible to receive.

*Commuters will pay a typical Curry housing rate for this semester.


This program is ideal for sophomores who have not completed all of their General Education requirements, first semester juniors with space for electives, and transfer students.


The core academic program is 9 credits (FREN 112, 201 or 202, FNAR 102 and RLST 390).  Everyone participates in the 3 core courses because they form the basis of the program, directly link to nearly all activities and teach students how to approach another culture.  The courses are fun and students inevitably appreciated them immensely. Students choose additional courses based on that semester's availability.


Course equivalencies:
FREN 112, 201 or 202 - French language - counts as 3 credits of Gen Ed Global
FNAR 102 Culture and Values - counts as 3 credits of Gen Ed Global
RLST 390 Early & Midieval Church History & Architecture  - counts as 3 credits Gen Ed Humanities Breadth
BIOL 205 Human Anatomy & Physiology (online) - TBD
PAL 280 The Creative Power of Identity- TBD
Business Course- TBD



Spend a semester* at Richmond, The American International University in London! Located in the heart of London, students can study alongside students from more than 100 countries, earning up to 15 credits toward degree completion. Richmond University offers more than a dozen majors. Curry students may be particularly interested in:

·         British Culture, Literature and History

·         Business Administration with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, and Marketing

·         International & Development Economics

·         International Journalism and Media

·         Political Science

*Sophomores will live and study at the Richmond Hill campus, which is approximately 45 minutes outside of London. Juniors and seniors will study and live at the Kensington campus, in the center of London.


Third-Party Providers


For students looking for options other than Curry's partnerships, can choose a study abroad program offered through a Curry affiliated third-party provider.  Third-Party providers open a world of opportunities to Curry students. The following third-party providers have been vetted by Curry College and are a good match for our students in terms of academics and student support services.  Currently, we have affiliation agreements with the following providers: