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To Bring To Bring

What To Bring:




-Additional copies of your resume (even if you sent it to them directly, the employer will most likely ask for more).



-Padfolio with a notepad to organize your documents and to take notes during the interview.



-A positive attitude and enthusiastic personality will help in “selling” yourself as someone who could “fit in” at the organization.

Interview Tips Interview Tips

 Successful Interview Tips:

1.) Arrive on time.



2.) Introduce yourself in a courteous manner to all personnel you interact with (This includes front desk staff).



3.) Read company materials while you wait.



4.) Have a firm handshake.



5.) Listen.



6.) Use body language to show interest.



7.) Smile, nod, and give non-verbal feedback to the interviewer.



8.) Ask questions when prompted to do so.



9.) Ask about the next step in the process.



10.) Thank the interviewer.



11.) Write a thank-you letter to anyone you have spoken to.


*Source: NACE jobweb


Interview Attire Interview Attire


What to Wear!


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Men's Interview Attire

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