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Academic Policies Academic Policies

Reduced Course Load

Every international student holding an F-1 visa must maintain a full course of study each semester. In rare circumstances students may be approved for a reduced course load as a result of academic difficulties, medical conditions or for one semester only if a student is in the last semester of study.   You must receive approval from your Academic Advisor and have them complete this form.

Academic Failure

Lack of attendance, academic failure or other types of academic, disciplinary and other violations of the school's policies may jeopardize your standing as a Curry student. Expulsion from Curry would immediately cause you to lose your F-1 status and the right to legally remain in the United States and require you to immediately leave the country.

Completion of Studies/Grace Periods

  • An F-1 student who has completed a course of study and any authorized practical training following completion of studies is allowed an additional 60-day grace period to prepare for departure from the United States or to transfer to a different academic institution.
  • An F-1 student who has been authorized to withdraw from classes will be allowed a 15- day grace period to depart the United States.
  • An F-1 student who fails to maintain a full course of study without the approval of the Center for Global and Career Services or otherwise fails to maintain status is not eligible for any grace period and must leave the United States immediately.


An F-1 student is considered to be in status during the annual or summer vacation and is not required to register for classes, if the student has completed at least two semesters of study and intends to register for the next term.

Medical Leave of Absence

In circumstances where a medical condition requires absence from classes you will need to meet with the Director of Global and Career Services to officially request a Leave of Absence.