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Internship Program Internship Program

 Internship Program

Summer Internships Highlights Summer Internships Highlights
Internship Registration Details Internship Registration Details

Registration Steps for Fall & Spring semester internships:

  1. Speak with your faculty internship facilitator and complete the Internship Application. Remember that you must have a 2.5 GPA and sophomore status to access the application. Different departments may have additional pre-requsites.
  2. Register for "Pending Internship" in the department you wish to do the internship. Make sure to register for the corresponding seminar class if required.
  3. Complete the Internship Confirmation Form and email your Faculty Internship Facilitator once you do, as they will need to complete the bottom section of the form, to assign a number of credits and your Faculty Supervisor.

    NOTE: If you do not complete the Confirmation Form by the end of Add/Drop, Pending Internship will be dropped from your schedule.

More internship information available here.


Registration Steps for Summer Internships

The summer internship registration process is slightly different than the fall and spring semesters:

  1. Students Complete the Internship Application Form (only students eligible for an academic internship can complete the form - contact your Faculty Internship Facilitator if you are unable to view the form).

  2. Student makes an appointment with the Faculty Internship Facilitator in their department.

  3. Student secures a summer internship.

  4. Student Completes the Internship Confirmation Form and contacts their Faculty Internship Facilitator, so that the facilitator can approve the number of credits and finalize the confirmation.

  5. CGCS sends internship details, based on the information in the confirmation form to CE, who will manually register each student.  Students do not need to register for a summer internship using the regular course selection process. 

  6. CE will send payment instructions via email to each student in order to complete your registration. Students will make tuition payments through Flywire. Students may not begin an internship until their tuition is paid in full. Students will not receive credit if tuition is not paid.