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Internship Program Internship Program

 Internship Program

Guide to Registering for an Internship! Guide to Registering for an Internship!

Internship Overview Internship Overview

Internships are a key factor in job marketability after graduation. They also provide the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths by learning about your interests, skills, strengths, and values while earning college credits. 


Before You Apply:

*Review the Internship Pre-Requisites to make sure you qualify:

-Cumulative G.P.A of 2.75 or higher

-Sophomore Status (has achieved 30+ credits)

*Research openings on Handshake

*Update your resume & be mindful of additional documentation and deadlines

*Contact your internship coordinator and other contacts to let them know you are looking.


After You Apply:

*Keep track of your application date and follow-up after a few weeks if you do not hear anything.

*Have a backup plan in place in case the opportunity falls through. Add an additional class or have another position lined up.

*Research transportation accomodations if your desired internship is not close to your current location.


During The Internship:

*Present your Learning Contract to your supervisor and discuss how you plan on achieving your goals.

*Take initiative - get involved in projects, ask questions, take notes & contribute.

*Act and dress professionally at all times.

*Stay in touch with your faculty supervisor and communicate any issues or concerns.

*Make connections with professionals as well as your fellow interns and add them as connections on LinkedIn!