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Internship Program Internship Program

 Internship Program

Internship Registration Internship Registration

Registration Steps:

1. Complete the Internship Application

2. Register for "Pending Internship" in the department you wish to do the internship. Make sure to register for the corresponding seminar class if required.

3. Complete the Internship Confirmation Form


NOTE: If you do not complete the Confirmation Form by the end of Add/Drop, Pending Internship will be dropped from your schedule.

Guide to Registering for an Internship! Guide to Registering for an Internship!

Internship Overview Internship Overview

Internships are a key factor in job marketability after graduation. They also provide the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths by learning about your interests, skills, strengths, and values while earning college credits. 


Before You Apply:

*Review the Internship Pre-Requisites to make sure you qualify:

-Cumulative G.P.A of 2.75 or higher

-Sophomore Status (has achieved 30+ credits)

*Research openings on Handshake

*Update your resume & be mindful of additional documentation and deadlines

*Contact your internship coordinator and other contacts to let them know you are looking.


After You Apply:

*Keep track of your application date and follow-up after a few weeks if you do not hear anything.

*Have a backup plan in place in case the opportunity falls through. Add an additional class or have another position lined up.

*Research transportation accomodations if your desired internship is not close to your current location.


During The Internship:

*Present your Learning Contract to your supervisor and discuss how you plan on achieving your goals.

*Take initiative - get involved in projects, ask questions, take notes & contribute.

*Act and dress professionally at all times.

*Stay in touch with your faculty supervisor and communicate any issues or concerns.

*Make connections with professionals as well as your fellow interns and add them as connections on LinkedIn!