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Registration Registration

Registration Steps for Fall & Spring semester internships:

1. Speak with your faculty internship facilitator and complete the Internship Application.


2. Register for "Pending Internship" in the department you wish to do the internship. Make sure to register for the corresponding seminar class if required.


3. Complete the Internship Confirmation Form and email your Faculty Internship Facilitator once you do, as they will need to complete the bottom section of the form, to assign a number of credits and your Faculty Supervisor.


NOTE: If you do not complete the Confirmation Form by the end of Add/Drop, Pending Internship will be dropped from your schedule.


See below for more details on each step.

Guide to Registering for a Semester Internship Guide to Registering for a Semester Internship


Faculty Internship Facilitators List Faculty Internship Facilitators List


CRNS for Pending Internships CRNS for Pending Internships


Pending Internship Courses by Major

BIOL 3450: Pending Internship - Biology

BUS 3450: Pending Internship - Business Programs*

CJ 3450: Pending Internship - Criminal Justice*

COM 3450: Pending Internship - Communication

ED 2345: Field Observation/Participation 3 (Fall)

ED 4568: Senior Practicum - Community Based* (Spring)

ENG 3450: Pending Internship - English

FSC 3450: Pending Internship - Forensic Science

GD 3450: Pending Internship - Graphic Design

HW 3450: Pending Internship - Health & Wellness

PSY 3450: Pending Internship - Psychology*

SA 3450: Pending Internship - Studio Arts

SOC 3450: Pending Internship - Sociology*

SWK 3450: Pending Internship - Social Work*


*Programs noted above all have co-requisite requirement of Internship Seminar (see co-requisites below).


If your Pending Internship is not listed above, please contact your Faculty Internship Facilitator for assistance.


Internship co-requisites:

BUS 3450 SM: Business Programs Internship Seminar

CJ 3450 SM: Criminal Justice Internship Seminar

ED 4568 SM: Senior Practicum: Community Based

PSY 3450 SM: Psychology Internship Seminar

SOC 3450 SM: Sociology Internship Seminar

SWK 3450 SM: Social Work Internship Seminar


Faculty Internship Facilitators and Faculty Supervisors

Each student completing an internship for academic credit must be approved to do so by their department's Faculty Internship Facilitator during the application/confirmation process. The Faculty Internship Facilitator also identifies and assigns a Faculty Supervisor to support students and employers that are engaged in an academic internship.


Specifically, faculty supervisors:

  • Discuss, finalize and sign a learning contract with the student and site supervisor that outlines the goals each has for the internship;
  • Meet at stipulated intervals (as specified in the learning contract) with the student intern during the internship;
  • Maintain contact with the on-site supervisor throughout the internship and visit the internship site at least once during the internship (either in-person or virtually);
  • Grade the student based on the following input: weekly work summaries/emails sent by the student, site supervisor's evaluation, final reflection paper from the student.