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Remote Internship Policy Remote Internship Policy


Remote Internship Policy

Under normal circumstances, the College requires students to complete on-site internships with organizations because in general an on-site internship provides a richer experience for the student. An on-site internship allows students to experience working in a professional office setting, gives them exposure to equipment and tools they will need to do the job, gives them hands-on experience, and allows them to network with the other people working in the office environment.

On occasion, an internship coordinator may make an exception and allow a student to participate in a remote internship. When that occurs, the following guidelines should be met.

- Organizations should have all of the following:

- Physical location, Listed telephone number, Website

- History of offering paid employment

- Tax ID number

- Internship job description

- Company should provide a virtual workspace including videoconferencing software, communication channels (such as Slack or MS Teams), file access and storage

- Site supervisor should the provide intern with regular supervision, mentoring and feedback through daily and weekly check-ins, and opportunities to sit in on virtual company meetings and trainings

- The intern should provide a weekly report to the site supervisor and faculty internship supervisor with hours worked, hours-to-date, work completed, challenges and problems encountered, and progress toward learning objectives