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Sophomore Year Sophomore Year

 Sophomore Year

(Exploration & Development)


Sophomore Year Checklist Sophomore Year Checklist

 Sophomore Year Checklist:

  • Add EXP 2340 to your course schedule
  • Attend the Career & Internship Fair
  • Identify top career fields of interest
  • Begin researching and planning for an internship
  • Attend career related workshops and panels
  • Continue developing and updating your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Participate in clubs and organizations on campus
  • Volunteer
  • Apply for an on-campus job
  • Learn more about Curry Connections, the Alumni Mentor Network
  • Begin drafting a cover letter


EXP 2340 EXP 2340

 What Career Course Can You Take?


Q: I am ready and eligible to pursue an internship, what course should I take?

A: EXP 2340 Introduction to Experiential Learning



Students who are interested in participating in an internship in the near future should enroll in this course. Topics include goal setting, internship requirements, and professionalism.


Meet Your Advisor Meet Your Advisor

Career Advisor:

Nicoline Batista


Nicoline Batista