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Introduction Introduction

On this page you will find resources and course redesign ideas that you can use when class time is lost due to weather related events, conference attendance, or faculty illness.

Continuity of Learning Continuity of Learning

Click on Continuity of Learning to view tips and techniques for adding content to Blackboard in the event of a missed class.

Videos Videos

Click on the link to view a video:

Use Blackboard to disseminate makeup material to students for missed classes (3:48)

Panopto Windows Recording (5:14)

Panopto MAC Recording (4:35)

Upload an mp4 into Panopto (1:13)

Schedule a Zoom Meeting (1:20)

Using Zoom (5:47)



Course Redesign Course Redesign

Seat-Time Equivalency
Be sure to create enough material to meet seat-time equivalency. If your class meets for two hours, you need to include two hours' worth of material in Blackboard not including homework. Here is a guide to help you estimate Seat-Time Equivalency.

Blackboard can be used to replicate classroom activities in different ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Add notes to your PowerPoint and post to Blackboard. This replicates in-class presentation.
  • Create a Discussion Board question or two to which students can respond. This replicates class discussion.
  • Create an Online Quiz. This is a quick way to get a read on how well students understand the material and to see if they have been keeping up with reading.


Have students watch a video. There's a great selection of videos through the Films on Demand Database at Levin. Another option is uploading YouTube videos to your Blackboard course.


Panopto can be used to tape portions of your lecture. This gives students the advantage of seeing your powerpoint slides as well as hearing you explain the material.

Zoom is a virtual software program, which creates a live classroom experience for your students. Your students will be able to see you and you can see your students and conduct a class "virtually" from your home to the students' dorm rooms.