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Panopto Videos on Blackboard Panopto Videos on Blackboard

Below are videos on some of the newer features in Blackboard:


Build Content Build Content

In Blackboard, the most common thing you will be doing is Building Content.  To add content to your Blackboard site, the most common tools are Add Item, Add Web Link, and Add Content Folder. Below are guidesheets on how to add those:

Assessments Assessments

The following assessment tools are useful in Blackboard:

  • Test - used to create an online quiz/test
  • Assignment - used to create an online assignment where students can submit their work electronically
  • Mobile Compatible Test - allows students to take test on their mobile phone using the Blackboard App 


Users and Groups Users and Groups
  • Groups - used to set up groups in Blackboard
  • Users - allows you to see a list of Users in your course or add Users to your course
Evaluation Evaluation

Useful way to check on your students' participation and progress in your course:

Packages and Utilities Packages and Utilities

Packages and Utilities is where you can copy your course to a new semester, or export your course for permanent storage on your device:

Tools Tools

The most common tools for collaboration and communication are below:

  • Discussion Board - used to create an online discussion
  • Blog - used to allow students to share thoughts in a public running style
  • Journal - used to allow students to share thoughts privately with instructor
  • Wiki - used to collaborate on projects
  • Groups - used to put students into Groups
  • Announcements - used to create important Announcements
  • Email - used to send email
  • MyGrades - allows students to view their grades
  • Panopto Focus Content - used to create Panopto videos within Blackboard
  • Rubrics - used to create a Rubric attached to a Blackboard assignment which can then be used for grading
  • SafeAssign - used to check student work for plagiarism
Grade Center Grade Center

The following guidesheets will assist you in using the grade center functionality in Blackboard:


Customization Customization

The following are the most common Customization features in Blackboard: