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Faculty Retreat 2018 Faculty Retreat 2018










2018 Curry College Faculty Retreat Program








2018 Curry College Faculty Accomplishments



Are You Woke Yet? Engaging Today's Students in Controversial Conversations
U. Melissa Anyiwo, Anne Benoit, Kathy Morrison

Creating a Safe Classroom & Learning Environment
Monique Austin

Using Retrieval Practice and Spacing of Study to Improve Student Learning Outcomes
Catherine Overson
University of New Hampshire

In Their Own Words
Julian Bryson

Actively Engaging Students Using Virtual Technology as a Teaching Strategy to Support Learning Outcomes
Julianne Walsh, Christine Sacco

Developing a Balanced Actively Managed Academic Portfolio
David Szczerbacki

Dreams of Learning: Ineffable Learning Outcomes
Raymond Shaw
Merrimack College



Utilizing Restorative Justice Practices to Address Bias Incidents on Campus
Jen Balboni, Lisa MacDonald, Rachel King

3 Digital Enhancements to Make Instruction More Accessible
Laura Vanderberg, Eileen Ball, Megan O'Brien

Using Interleaving of Study and Guiding Questions to Improve Student Learning Outcomes
Victor Benassi
University of New Hampshire

Beyond Show and Tell: Facilitating Class Discussion in Quantitative Reasoning Courses

Laura Callis

JYI: Lessons Learned, Plans Made
Alan Revering

Honorable Outcomes: Developing Leaders through Service and Engagement in the Classroom and Beyond
Jayson Baker, Sarah Augusto, Stephanie Walker, Padrick Ritch

Your Gen Ed Advising Toolkit
Sarah Shane, Julia Sloan



How Protected is Academic Freedom - Where are the Lines?
Rachel King

Tools to Facilitate Student Success: Using the Student Advising Profile, College Student Inverntory, and Student Retention Predictor to Influence and Improve Studnet/Faculty Interactions
Carrie Cokely

Small Teaching at Curry - What's Already Happening and How you Can Get Involved
Jen McNally, Maureen Murphy

Making the Leap from Hybrid to Online Teaching: Best Practices for Student Success
Handout-Essentials of Online Design
Handout-Essentials of Online Teaching

Debra Petrizzo, Christine Sacco

Recent and Ongoing Changes to Curry's Writing Program: What it Means to Your Courses, Your Programs, and Our Campus
Lindsay Illich, Patricia Stephens

Recharging Your Assessment Program, Re-Visiting the Basics of Learner Centered Assessment
Handout - Blooms Taxonomy

Jennifer Dunne, Garrett Eastman, Maryellen Kiley, Bill Nancarrow, Alan Revering, Ed Tallent, Stephanie Walker

Your Gen Ed Advising Toolkit
Sarah Shane, Julia Sloan

Faculty Retreat 2017 Faculty Retreat 2017

Faculty Retreat 2017

Faculty Retreat Registration Survey

Faculty Retreat 2016 Faculty Retreat 2016

Faculty Retreat 2016 Program

Looking Back a Year, Looking Ahead a Few

Ken Quigley

TED Talk

Teaching Naked, Dr. José Bowen

Energizing our Teaching and Engaging our Students for Success (and other thoughts)

Dave Szczerbacki

The Role of Academic Advising in Retention and Student Success

Vicki Nelson and Sarah Shane

Classroom Observation Program

Becki Paynich and Kara Provost

Extending the Classroom via the Grants Process

Pebble Brooks, Dian Gifford, Bill Nancarrow, Susan LaRocco, and Diane Webber

How Hybrid Enhanced my Face-to-Face Teaching

Jennifer McNally, Christine Sacco, and Eric Weiser

Diversity and Rigor in Learning Outcomes Assessment: Curry Best Practices and Successes for Program Evaluation

LOAC Members

Refreshing Curry's Stellar Internship Program

Kerrie Aborn, Efram Burk, Liz Carey, Laura Davis, Tony Fabrizio, Sandra O'Neil, Susan Pennini, Alyssa Samuels, and Julia Sloan

How Can I Help and Who Do I Call?

Lisa MacDonald

Evolving Support for Students with Learning Differences: Unique Retention and Persistence Findings and Practices through the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL)

Laura Vanderberg

What is Faculty Success?

Grant Burrier, Bruce Steinberg, and Ed Tallent

Learning from Failure: Unanticipated Positive Outcomes from our Mistakes

Jennifer Balboni, Lindsay Illich, and Becki Paynich

Gen Ed: Spirit and Vision

John Hill, Silas Pearman, and Julia Sloan

Place Making: Designing Facilities that Promote Success for Our Students, Ourselves, and Our College

Robert O'Connell and Susan Pennini

New Program Development: Process and Success

Tony Fabrizio, Don Gratz, Susan LaRocco, and David Szczerbacki

Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group Session: Participate in Ongoing Climate Assessment

Jennifer Dunne

Consistent Inquiry: Using Media Literacy to Teach Critical Analysis

Peter Hainer and Jeff Lemberg

Open Educational Resources to Facilitate Student Learning and Success

Garrett Eastman

Strategic Plan Update: Progress on our Pathway to Success

Jennifer Balboni and Susan Pennini

Partnering to Prevent Discrimination and Harassment: Understanding Faculty Rights and Obligations to Create a Safe Environment for Students and Employees

Rachel King

Crossing the Invisible Border: A Successful Collaboration between Academic Affairs & Student Affairs

Monique Austin and Sarah Rozene

Exploring Models for JYI:  One Instructor's Perspective

Bill Nancarrow and Alan Revering

Identifying and Supporting At-Risk Students: The Role of Faculty

Carrie Cokely

Faculty Retreat 2015 Faculty Retreat 2015

Faculty Retreat 2015 Program

Plenary – Framing the Vision for Curry College
Ken Quigley and David Szczerbacki

Teaching Students with Learning Differences
Lynn Abrahams, Linda Camp, and Laura Vanderberg

Schools Feasibility

ePortfolios for Pedagogy and Assessment 
Cathleen Santos and Andrew Maydoney

First Year Inquiry (FYI) Course Development
Carrie Cokely and Ed Tallent

Sandra O'Neil and Deanna Gordon

Information Literacy Enhanced (ILE) Course Development
Jane Lawless

Developing New Programs
David Sczcerbacki, Katherine Morrison, and
David Nerenberg

Quantitative Reasoning Enhanced (QRE) Course Development
Tracy Wang and Jennifer Ceven McNally

New Frontiers in Academic Freedom: Social Media and Professors' Public Voice
Michael DeCesare, Merrimack College

Reading and Writing Enhanced (RWE) Course Development
Kristen Getchell and Lindsay Illich

Living Learning Cohorts
Carrie Cokely and Dan Cline

Increasing Global Perspective Through Exchange and Study Abroad Programs
Ned Bradford, Sue Pennini, and Pat Bonarrigo

Destination Courses
Jerry Gibbs, Bob MacNeil, Deanna Gordon, and Susanne Gibbs

You Said "What?!"
Chip Kennedy, Terry Hofmann, Tawanya Garrett, and Sandra O'Neil

Hybrid/Blended Learning
Christine Sacco and Eileen O'Connell

Increasing Student Engagement through Active Learning Strategies 
Christine Sacco, Jennifer Balboni, Peter Hainer, and Kerrie Aborn

Faculty Retreat 2014 Faculty Retreat 2014

Faculty Retreat 2014 Program

Intra-, cross-, multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinarities? Working Across and Through the Disciplines 
Rob MacDougall, Andrew Maydoney

Integrating Quantitative Literacy into Your Course
Tracy Wang, Jennifer Ceven McNally, Bill Nancarrow

Living Learning Communities: Lessons Learned & Opportunities for Success
Carrie Cokely, Erik Muurisepp

What is Blended Learning? 
Tricia McConville, Jennifer Balboni, Ryan Theroux, Cathy Santos, Terry Hofmann

How Do We Integrate Technology into Our Classes and Curriculum (Technology Literacy)?
Deanna Gordon, Maryann Gallant

Defining Global Awareness Inside and Outside of the Classroom
Brecken Chinn, Ned Bradford, Pat Bonarrigo

Creating a Cohesive First-Year Experience
Ryan Theroux, Lynn Zlotkowski, Carrie Cokely

Strengthening Faculty Governance: Who Gets to Decide? 
Alan Revering, Becki Paynich, Sue Pennini

Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
Temple Jordan

Strategies for Developing Meaningful Writing Activities in Your Course
Kristen Getchell, Lindsay Illich, Nancy Young

Outside In/Inside Out: Strategies for Integrating Experiences Outside the Classroom in Our Courses
Peter Hainer, Deanna Gordon, Brecken Chinn, Maureen O'Shea, Terry Hofmann, Karen Lischinsky

New Academic Offerings 
Ruth Sherman, Dorria DiManno, Keith Robichaud, Marie Turner, Laura Davis

Capstone: Creating a United Senior Experience
Melissa Anyiwo

Connecting Program Outcomes with Your Course Goals
Holly Gray, Kari Loomis

Linking with Learning Specialists: Partnering with Majors to Support Academic Success for Students with Learning Differences
Pat Mytkowicz, Kathy Wilmot, Michele Talabach, Nancy Winbury, Tony Fabrizio

Strategic Support: How to Connect Students of Concern with the Support They Need to Succeed
Rachel King, Carrie Cokely, Lynn Zlotkowski

Information Literacy and Your Class: Partnering with the Library to Enhance Student Success
Ed Tallent, Jane Lawless, Coleen Toronto, Evelyn Ugwu-George, Rob MacDougall

The Role and Value of an Effective External Advisory Board
Maureen Murphy, Cathy Santos, Chris Lawson

Planning Your Professional Life
Bill Nancarrow