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Eligibility Requirements Eligibility Requirements

Summer Internship Scholarship

General Eligibility Requirements:

1.      Sophomore or Junior status (30+credits) & currently enrolled as a Curry College student planning to return in the fall.


2.      GPA of 2.75 or higher at the time of application.


3.      Must have secured a for-credit academic internship approved and confirmed by the Faculty Internship Facilitator in your academic department, full list here.


4.      Must demonstrate financial need as determined by your financial aid application (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Student Financial Services.



Application Process Application Process

 Application Process:

Please follow the directions below:

1. Complete the internship Application and Confirmation Forms. (These will only be visible if you meet the Eligibility Requirements listed above, if you encounter any difficulties with your eligibility please contact your internship facilitator)

2. Collect the names and contact information of two Curry College faculty references (Please always confirm with the faculty member that they are willing to be a reference prior to submitting).

3. Complete a current academic year financial aid application (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Student Financial Services.

4. Provide a current transcript (unofficial is acceptable)

5. Prepare a current resume

6. Complete the Summer Internship Scholarship Application Form and upload your transcript and resume.


***Please note that the Internship Application and Confirmation Forms must be completed on the Portal in order for your application to be considered complete***

Guidelines Guidelines


Curry College understands how important the internship experience can be to a student's career decision making process. The Summer Internship Scholarship Program is aimed to make it possible for students to engage in credited internships in order to develop their skills on the job.


Summer Internship Scholarship:

The scholarship is to be used to cover tuition and academic fees for a three-credit internship.  Scholarships are $500 per student.


Other considerations:

  • Please do not tie your plans to winning these competitive awards; it's important to make alternative plans in the event you are not selected.
  • If selected, the Summer Internship Scholarship is solely applicable to the experience described and cannot be transferred to a different internship.


Selection Process:

The Center for Global & Career Services will review all application materials  with the Faculty Chairs of the Communication Department and the Office of Student Financial Services and make decisions based on exhibited financial need and the merits of the intenship opportunity.  Students will be notified by the Award Notification Date listed at the top of this page.