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Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Away Travel Programs Short-Term Faculty-Led Study Away Travel Programs

Faculty-Led Study Away Proposal Process

Application Instructions

  1. Contact Mireille McLaughlin, Director of the Center for Global & Career Services to schedule a preliminary discussion. 

  2. After this initial meeting, submit the following documents to Mireille for review:

Proposal Guidelines

  • All courses must be academic in nature, credit bearing and directly linked to the Curry curriculum.  

  • Faculty should considering getting their course approved for General Education requirements, to make the course attractive to a large pool of students.

Proposal Deadlines

  • December 1st of the academic year prior to travel

Program Models

  • Travel embedded in a course

    • ​For example, a course offered during the Spring semester with travel occurring either during Spring Break of Winter Intersession.

    • Tuition is charged at the traditional pre-credit undergraduate rate, the course is part of a student's semester courseload and financial aid is applicable.

  • Stand-alone course

    • ​For example, a travel course offered outside fo the semester, with all teaching during travel, usually offered immediately after the end of the semester.

    • Registration and tuition is processed through Continuing Education, tuition is charged at the per credit CE rate and financial aid is NOT applicable.​

Study Abroad Program Providers

​Proposal Review

After an initial review, CGCS will schedule a meeting of the Study Away Policy & Proposal Committee. Faculty will be asked to join this meeting and should be prepared to discuss all aspects of the proposal, which will be shared before the meeting with the committee.


Once your program has been approved, additional information about the application process, pre-departure requirements and guidelines while on-site in your travel destination are included in the Handbook below.

Faculty Led Trip leader Handbook- Policies and Advice