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Student Center 2nd Floor, Suite 206

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Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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CAST Bathroom Bulletin Current Issue CAST Bathroom Bulletin Current Issue


CAST Bathroom Bulletin Archive CAST Bathroom Bulletin Archive


CAST Bathroom Bulletin Archive

In the Fall of 2017 the Curry Academic Services Team (CAST) began to collect their upcoming news and events into a physical newsletter which was then distributed to bathroom stalls across the Curry Campus. Click the link on any date below to view that bulletin.

Fall 2017

CAST Bulletin 8-28-17

CAST Bulletin 9-11-17

CAST Bulletin 9-25-17

CAST Bulletin 10-9-17

CAST Bulletin 10-23-17

CAST Bulletin 11-7-17

CAST Bulletin 11-20-17

CAST Bulletin 12-4-17

CAST Bulletin Winter Break Edition


Spring 2018

CAST Bulletin 1-22-18

CAST Bulletin 2-6-18

CAST Bulletin 2-20-18

CAST Bulletin 3-6-18

CAST Bulletin 3-20-18

CAST Bulletin 4-3-18

CAST Bulletin 4-17-18

CAST Bulletin 5-1-18

CAST Bulletin Summer Break Edition



CCD Email Newsletter Archive CCD Email Newsletter Archive



CCD Email Newsletter Archive

The Center for Career Development supplies important news, updates for events, and lists of the newest hot jobs and internships through a bi-weekly email newsletter to all students, faculty, and staff of Curry College throughout each spring and fall. Click the link below of any date to view that newsletter.


Fall 2017

CCD eNewsletter 9-6-17

CCD eNewsletter 9-20-17

CCD eNewsletter 10-2-17

CCD eNewsletter 10-16-17

CCD eNewsletter 10-30-17

CCD eNewsletter 11-13-17

CCD eNewsletter 11-27-17

CCD eNewsletter 12-11-17

Spring 2018

CCD eNewsletter 1-29-18

CCD eNewsletter 2-12-18

CCD eNewsletter 2-26-18

CCD eNewsletter 3-27-18

CCD eNewsletter 4-10-18

CCD eNewsletter 4-24-18

CCD eNewsletter 5-8-18

CCD eNewsletter 7-3-18