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Mansfield Police Department Partnership


Curry College has partnered with Mansfield Police Department to offer currently enrolled Curry students a unique police cadet training program. This new program provides Curry students pursuing careers in law enforcement with valuable hands-on work experience. This program is open to all majors.

The Mansfield Police Department partnership program will launch in February 2021. There will be two phases of the program:

  • Phase 1 – Academic Field Experience: Students will complete an unpaid internship with the Mansfield Police Department and will complete an internship seminar course with Curry College.
  • Phase 2 – Cadet Employee: Upon successful completion of the Academic Field Experience (Phase 1), and further subject to the discretion of the Mansfield Police Department, students will become a paid Cadet employee of the Department. Students will be compensated at a rate set by the town of Mansfield and will be considered employees of the Town of Mansfield.

Application Criteria

  1. Sophomore or junior status returning to Curry in the subsequent fall
  2. Completion of EXP 2340 OR SOC/CJ 2340 with the grade of "B" or above
  3. 2.75 GPA or higher
  4. If accepted, at least a three semester commitment (summer optional)
  5. All majors and minors are encouraged to apply
  6. If accepted, students must register for Pending Internship AND Internship Seminar in the spring semester

Application Process

  1. Students will apply here.
  2. Required documents will include a resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript
  3. Applicants must list the contact information of two Curry faculty members who are willing to serve as references
  4. Applications DUE by Tuesday, October 20, 2020


What participants will learn in Phase I:

  1. Updating databases/spreadsheets
  2. Update/maintain intelligence scroll for internal use
  3. Camera footage review
  4. File updates
  5. Scanning/Filing/Purging
  6. Processing record requests pursuant to FOIA
  7. File prep for court appearances
  8. Training file updates/migration to new software
  9. Accreditation assistance
  10. Assist Crime Analyst in generating reports
  11. Research/Open-source data mining
  12. Social media programming
  13. Officer ride-along
  14. Find better ways to do things


Responsibilities Cadets will have in Phase II:

  1. Enter/Track Citations
  2. Monitor Restraining Order Status
  3. Answer front desk phone calls
  4. Direct resources via police radio when necessary
  5. Direct visitors/clients to proper resources
  6. Maintain public lobby in good order
  7. Maintain all work areas
  8. Maintain readiness of all equipment
  9. Keep prisoner cells in good order
  10. Ensure proper levels of consumable goods
  11. Maintain staffing levels using CrewSense software
  12. Staffing outside details
  13. Covid-19 decontamination protocols
  14. Manage service schedule for all equipment
  15. Liaise with outside agencies using the Training/Community Room
  16. Crossing guard fill-in
  17. Additional duties as determined by the Chief of Police


For more information on the Mansfield Police Department partnership program, please contact