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First-Year Students First-Year Students

First-Year Students

Explore Your Major and Potential Careers



Your unique personality, skills, interests and values should be considered when deciding on your major and future career.  Let us help you explore!

First-Year Checklist First-Year Checklist

First-Year Student Checklist

  • Take EXP 1001
  • Explore careers & majors
  • Begin drafting a resume
  • Complete a career assessment like Focus 2
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Apply for an on-campus job
  • Participate in clubs/organizations on campus
  • Volunteer 
EXP 1001 EXP 1001

What Career Course Can You Take?


EXP 1001: Career & Major Exploration

A one-credit course for students at Curry College who are undecided about a major course of study and/or career path.  Students will be guided in exploration of academic and career interests and learn to match their personal interests and aspirations to satisfying career options.  Students will learn career research skills, be exposed to majors, minors, and other academic and career enhancing opportunities, while making informed decisions based on these various resources. 




Meet Your Advisor Meet Your Advisor

Career Advisor:

Nicoline Batista


Nicoline Batista

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