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Curry Connections Mentors Curry Connections Mentors

Curry Connections Curry Connections

Curry Connections is Curry College's Center for Career Development Mentor Network.  

Curry Connections helps Curry College students explore careers by linking them with alumni and other professionals in a variety of fields who generously contribute their time and expertise.

The program allows students an "inside look" at career options through informational interviewing, networking, and job shadowing.

Mentors gain the satisfaction of helping students make sound career decisions. 


Interested in Learning More?

How Students Get Involved with Curry Connections

  • Be a matriculated undergraduate, graduate student, or alumni

  • Attend a workshop or meet with a Center for Career Development staff member for mentor network orientation and to discuss general career interests

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Mentoring Options and Benefits Mentoring Options and Benefits

Mentoring Options

The program is adaptable to the needs of individual participants. The extent of time contributed by mentors is dependent on their availability and chosen level of participation.  

Mentors are available for one or more of the following options:

  • Job Shadowing -- Students spend a day or a few hours observing the mentor's daily work routine, gaining a "real work setting" perspective on a potential career.

  • In-person Informational Interview -- Students meet with a mentor to discuss his or her occupation, roles, job functions, and obtain career advice strategies.

  • Phone or Email contact -- Students may call or email a mentor for general career-related information.


Additional Benefits:

  • Get your resume and/or cover letter reviewed 

  • Observe the workplace

  • Get advice on important courses

  • Research potential internship opportunities

  • Learn about a specific company

  • Find out more about your career path

  • An excellent way to expand your professional network! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of time commitment is involved with the Curry Connections Mentor Program?

  • The program is adaptable to the needs of individual participants.  The extent of time contributed by mentors is dependent on their availability and chosen level of participation.  Mentors are able to select the number of students they wish to mentor, and determine the level of interaction.  Mentors can meet or speak to mentees once, or continue to foster a professional relationship over time.

How do I find the list of Mentors?

  • Once students attend a workshop or meet with a CCD staff member, they will be able to access Curry Connections through their Curry Connect account.   

How are students matched to Mentors?

  • Mentors are able to self-select the information they wish to share with students through Curry Connections.  Students then conduct a search through Curry Connections using their Curry Connect account. Students decide who to contact based on their professional academic interests. 

What are the responsibilities of a Mentor?

  • A mentor gives students an "inside look" at career options and coaches them on the skills that will improve their success.  Mentors encourage students to network with other professional, educate students on the daily work involved in their career, and talk about different options in the field.  They may also review students' resumes and give feedback. 

What are the responsibilities of a student?

  • Students must participate in a workshop or brief career counseling appointment in order to set expectations for Curry Connections, and to guide them on how to conduct themselves with professionalism.  Once students gain access to Curry Connections, they are responsible for initiating contact with their mentor.

Does the Mentor Program lead to a job or an internship?

  • Curry Connections involves no promise of future employment; this program is designed to promote professional networking and allow the students insight into a specific career or industry.