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3 for 1 Summer Internship Program 3 for 1 Summer Internship Program



3 for 1 Summer Internship Tuition Program

Curry College is pleased to announce the continuation of the 3 for 1 Summer Internship Tuition Program for Summer 2021. The College will offer three-credit summer internships at a cost equivalent to a one-credit internship for the first three credits.


Internships are a key factor in job marketability after graduation. The College wants to engage more students in completing academic internships for credit in the summer. We firmly believe that internships provide a great way to connect the theories students are learning in the classroom with a hands-on experience that will help set them apart from other job seekers upon graduation from Curry.

Some students who have inquired about summer internships in the past have been faced with the obstacle of not being able to pay the tuition associated with a three-credit internship, despite the fact that the summer tuition through Continuing Education is drastically lower than per-credit tuition rates that traditional students pay in the fall and spring semester. Many students have utilized their aid eligibility in the fall and spring which means that they must pay for the tuition expenses associated with summer internships fully out of pocket.  


The College will offer three-credit summer internships at a cost equivalent to a one-credit internship for the first three credits. If more than three internship credits are taken, each credit beyond three would be charged at the full per-credit tuition charge (i.e. a student registered for six credits of internship would be paying for four credits in total – three credits at the one credit rate and full price for the additional three credits). The tuition fee for one CE credit during the Summer 2021 semester is $442. Therefore, students participating in the program will save $884. Registration for summer internships will follow the same process as fall and spring internships.


The priority deadline to register for a summer internship under this program is Friday, May 14, 2021.


The summer internship registration process will follow the same process as the fall and spring:

  1. Complete the Internship Application Form (only students eligible for an academic internship can complete the form - contact your internship coordinator or the CCD if you are unable to view the form)

  2. Make an appointment with your internship coordinator

  3. Secure a summer internship

  4. Complete the Internship Confirmation Form

  5. There is no need to register for a winter internship using the regular course selection process. The CE/Grad office will manually add the course for you

  6. Pay the tuition fees in order to complete your registration


An academic internship in the summer provides many benefits to students:

  • Students have more time in the summer to devote to an internship - the more time you spend at an internship site, the more you will learn and the more you will be able to network and connect with others within the organization

  • Certain majors as well as athletes are especially short on time during the fall and spring semesters - in those cases, summer is the only time they can participate in an internship

  • An academic internship is listed on the student's transcript

  • Students can get ahead on credits during the summer for a fraction of the standard tuition

  • Interns receive faculty supervision

  • Students will qualify for a three credit internship rather than a one credit internship, which will satisfy the General Education active learning requirement and will help students progress toward earning their degree

  • The College can assist the student with navigating any challenges that may arise during the internship

  • Interns represent Curry College and help perpetuate a positive perception of the College's brand among employers, which benefits generations of Curry students to come.

  • Funding available for the Summer Internship Scholarship Program through the Institutional Advancement office will be able to be awarded to more students, which will allow a greater number of students with financial barriers to participate in a summer internship


Curry's aim is to prepare students for a successful career after graduation. Internships are a vital factor in a student's ability to find employment and continuing education opportunities. The College wants to remove barriers that have prohibited students from participating in academic internships in the past. The College also wishes to maintain the integrity of its internship program, which can be done through faculty supervision of interns in the field. The reduction in price will make internships more affordable for students, which hopefully will result in an increase in students completing academic internships in the summer.


For people who want to learn more about the internship program at Curry, an Internship Info Session will be held virtually at a later date.


  1. Who is eligible for the program?

    • All students who meet the criteria for an academic internship are eligible for the program.

  2. What is the criteria for an academic internship?

    • Have at least sophomore standing (30+ credits)

    • Have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher

  3. How do I find my internship coordinator?

  4. When is the tuition due for summer internships?

    • Tuition is due at the time of registration.

  5. If I find my internship on my own, can I still get academic credit through this program?

    • Yes! No matter how you found your internship, you can register for the internship course and receive academic credit through this program.
  6. Can I participate in this program even if I am not living near Curry during the summer?

    • Yes! You can participate in a summer internship in your hometown or anywhere in the world.

  7. Is there a requirement for the number of hours I need to work at an internship over the summer?

    • Yes, for a three credit internship, a student must complete at least 120 hours in the field. You can work more than this, but not less.

  8. Can I be paid for a summer internship?

    • It depends on your major. Some majors, such as Psychology, do not allow interns to be paid. Other majors, such as business, find it is a common practice among employers in the field. Interns at Curry who are receiving academic credit for their internship are not allowed to be paid. Other employers are required by law to pay interns. Check with your internship coordinator or the CCD to find out the specific guidelines for your major.

  9. Do I have to attend an internship seminar course in the summer?

    • Some academic departments may offer an online internship seminar course over the summer, and others require you to check in with your faculty internship supervisor and complete assignments on your own. Check with your internship coordinator regarding the specifics for your major.

  10. How can I find summer internships?

    • Talk with your internship coordinator

    • Check Handshake - new positions are posted daily

    • Meet with your career advisor in the Center for Career Development - you can make an appointment here:

    • Utilize LinkedIn to search for internships, and connect with alumni who work in those organizations

    • Contact organizations in which you have an interest using their Contact Us, Employment, Human Resources web pages and social media platforms

  11. How can I protect myself from scam employers?

    • Scam employers are everywhere and you must always be vigilant when you are applying for jobs and internships. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some good rules to follow: Never give personal information by text or email. Never cash a check for an employer or buy gift cards for them. Research the company and read reviews from people who have previously worked there. Research the recruiter with whom you are interviewing and make sure they truly represent the company to whom you are applying. If you have questions or are unsure about a potential employer, contact the Center for Career Development by phone: (617) 333-2195 or email:, and visit: